May 31, 2021

4 Considerations To Take Into Account Within A Budget To Reform The Bathroom

Redesigning our bathroom does not require a lot of cash, nor does it require a large budget or a decade of experience in remodeling work; what is actually required is the right inspiration.


Because bathrooms tend to be tight spots, making small changes can make a big difference. For example, replacing the bathtub or sink is expensive, but changing basic hardware or accessories like handles and door knobs on cabinets, painting or replacing them can give it a new look and is incredibly inexpensive.


Within a budget to reform the bathroom, it is important to consider the paint that will accompany the walls where tiles, mosaics or ceramics are used. It’s no secret that painting is one of the cheapest ways to drastically change the look of a room.


The shower curtain covers a fairly large area of ​​your bathroom space and can often act as the centerpiece of the room, which can be replaced with a well-priced shower screen , giving you a great view. and try mixing different textures in the space to give it depth and versatility. It doesn’t mean you need to buy matching rugs, toilet seat covers, and towels. The important point is to find fabrics and materials that are diverse but work well together, which makes for a great way to make the space feel fresh and break the monotony a bit.


When making the decision to carry out a transformation in the bathroom, we must include in the budget the hidden damages such as that caused by water, in which deficiencies are generated in the floor structure, pipes not adequately ventilated, old corroded pipes, showers, non-waterproof tile tubs around, etc. All this will depend on the age of the home and the type of construction.

Although most bathrooms are small, the cost comes from the intensive amount of outsourcing we have to do between plumbers, electricians, and expensive items like fixtures and cabinets, among others. All this must be included within the budget to reform the bathroom estimated before making expenses and being in the middle of the project.

Finally, we leave you five tips that must be taken into account within a budget to reform the bathroom:

  • Choosing a vanity with rounded corners avoids the appearance of bruises on the hips when they are small bathrooms.
  • Large squares, wide stripes, and other large patterns can fool the eye and make spaces appear larger.
  • Placing full-wall mirrors behind the dresser helps two people use it at the same time.
  • Installing the towel rail in the shower door or on the back of the front door keeps towels within easy reach.