November 29, 2020

Attractions in Jordan for Scuba Diving

Jordan has an immense treasure on its shores. The Red Sea of ​​Jordan is full of
corals, colourful fish and many other surprises that make divers more and more
The coast near the town of Aqaba, on the Red Sea, is one of the best diving
destinations in the world; whether you are an expert or a beginner, and this is the
first time you dive.
Of Jordan’s nearly 30 kilometres of coastline along the Red Sea, seven are protected
by a marine park. Here you will find over 20 uncrowded dive sites with something for
every level of the diver to discover, diving in Aqaba, Jordan could become a model
for other marine destinations.

If there is something surprising about the shores of the Red Sea in Jordan, it is that
the corals and reefs are stuck to the shore. It is enough to walk a few meters, no
more than 5, and you start to see the first corals and goldfish. This is something
really impressive that we have not seen anywhere else in the world. Another
characteristic that makes it an ideal destination for diving is the clarity of its waters.

Throughout the year, you can have visibility that varies between 30 and 45 meters.
This is something very unusual, and that makes diving and snorkelling on its shores
tremendously attractive. As if this were not enough, the temperature of its waters is
quite pleasant, going from 20 ºC in winter to 26 ºC in summer. In this regard, it is true
that the Red Sea is not as warm as Southeast Asia, but it is still very good

The life that we can find on the shores of Aqaba (the Jordanian Red Sea) is
tremendously diverse. You can see small fish such as the clownfish (Nemo), the blue
surgeonfish (Dory), the sea urchin fish, the butterfly fish, seahorses or the emperor
angelfish, among many others.
But you can also see larger animals such as the impressive lionfish, sea turtles,
various types of moray eels, the immense napoleon fish, some type of shark or rays
and even, if you are very lucky, you can see the whale shark. To all this, we must
add a very wide spectrum of colourful corals that adorn the seabed.

In the Red Sea lie about 19 Jordanian army tanks, ambulances, helicopters and
other transports that will attract divers from around the world.

To take advantage of this natural resource, the Aqaba Special Economic Zone
Authority organized the sinking of several tanks, a helicopter, anti-aircraft guns, an
ambulance and vehicles to transport troops.