April 19, 2023

Print to Metal

A beautiful and unique alternative to paper and canvas prints, print to metal offers superior color quality. It also looks sleek and professional in almost any setting, whether it’s an art gallery or a living room wall.

Is metal printing expensive?

Unlike traditional photo prints, metal prints come in both glossy and matte finishes. Glossy is the most popular, as it shows through a photograph’s whites and provides the most eye-catching look. However, it may glare in some areas of the image and the contrast is lower than with a matte finish.

The process of printing to metal starts with artwork printed on transfer paper that gets attached to a coated aluminum sheet. Then, the paper and sheet are placed into a heat press. The heat of the press allows the dyes on the transfer paper to convert into a gas and then absorb the inks in the metal.

You can choose from several different mounting options for your metal photo prints. These include a magnetic backing, acrylic base, easel stand or a wall float mount.

These are all great ways to showcase your favorite photos, whether it’s a family portrait or an artistic centerpiece photo hanging above the mantel. Choosing the right finishing option will allow you to match your prints with your current décor and provide an extra element of realism in your walls.

In addition to being easy to keep clean, a quality metal print will stand up to the test of time. They’re durable, archival, and can even be cleaned in a few seconds with a damp cloth.