March 1, 2023

What Are PBN Websites?

pbn websites

Pbn websites | SaketWahi SEO are websites that have a network of links from different domains that are created solely to build a website’s search engine ranking. In order to achieve this effect, they must be set up correctly and have a high OBL (link-juice) rating.

Most PBN sites are built on expired or abandoned domains with existing authority. They are then repurposed so that they can pass link juice and boost the ranking of the main site.

These websites are usually based on popular keywords and target multiple industries. This helps them attract more visitors and make money.

They also use cheap, low-quality content to generate backlinks. This content is often created by copywriting tools.

The anchor text that is used on a backlink can be a crucial SEO tool. This is because it helps Google understand the context of a page, which can increase its search engine ranking.

The Ultimate Guide to Building and Managing PBN Websites

But if you’re not careful, these links can be toxic. Some tools, like Ahrefs and Moz, can help you spot toxic links.

It’s not that hard to spot a bad PBN, and even if you don’t have any experience with link building, you can still determine whether a domain is safe or not by looking at its referring IPs and checking the number of organic traffic referrals in Site Explorer.

In addition, if you do decide to start using PBNs for your business, you should set up them on different IP addresses to avoid any issues in the future. You can also use Cloudflare to mask the real IPs of these websites.