August 14, 2021

Is Composite Decking As Beautiful As Wood Decking?

It depends on your taste. The design of each material is very different from the other one, and it takes some time to get used to them.

Escaping from wood’s traditional colors is one thing we can all appreciate, but many people feel more comfortable with composite decking. It seems that as soon as they make a look, they see more interesting colors in plastic than in typical wooden color schemes. Wood shades are also beautiful, but no one will deny that there are enough limits when choosing them. These days wood comes in almost any color you like, but if you want something totally out of the box – then plastic can be your best choice for a fresh appearance outdoors.

“Composite decking has a lot of variety and designs. It’s so much cheaper than Wood and also you don’t have to worry about weather or insects.”

You won’t be bored with composite decking – it is too versatile! Almost every homeowner can find something that he/she likes in plastic, and this is not an easy thing to say when talking about wood decking. The options are almost limitless , so finding the right color combinations might take some time if your tastes change frequently.

“Composite is really great for a multi-level deck design, as it does not require nails on every end of each board.”

Softwoods like cedar need support from attaching at least 2 vertically mounted boards per horizontal one, while hardwood species such as maple usually work best with one vertical board for every two horizontals. Composite decking is the only option that can be laid down like a house frame, with one board attached to another at both ends – there are no limitations on instructions how it should lay on your property!

Composite Decking Pros and Cons:

When you decide to choose composite decking over wood as material for your new backyard oasis, you have a lot of advantages that come along with it. One of the easiest things to notice is how much cheaper plastic decking costs in comparison to its wooden counterpart, but don’t jump into conclusions too quickly – more expensive goods do not always mean better quality. Even though they both look alike and are made from similar materials, this does not necessarily mean that composite decking is better than wood in every place.

Composite vs Wood Deck Cost: Which One Is Cheaper?

Many people are surprised to find out that wooden decking may be more affordable than their plastic counterpart – but this does not mean it is a better material for your property. There are many ways to cut expenses when building a new deck, and saving on materials will have the least impact on the final price tag. Decks made from solid or engineered wood often require less labor to build, which lowers the total construction cost significantly since fewer workers are needed for your project.

May 31, 2021

4 Considerations To Take Into Account Within A Budget To Reform The Bathroom

Redesigning our bathroom does not require a lot of cash, nor does it require a large budget or a decade of experience in remodeling work; what is actually required is the right inspiration.


Because bathrooms tend to be tight spots, making small changes can make a big difference. For example, replacing the bathtub or sink is expensive, but changing basic hardware or accessories like handles and door knobs on cabinets, painting or replacing them can give it a new look and is incredibly inexpensive.


Within a budget to reform the bathroom, it is important to consider the paint that will accompany the walls where tiles, mosaics or ceramics are used. It’s no secret that painting is one of the cheapest ways to drastically change the look of a room.


The shower curtain covers a fairly large area of ​​your bathroom space and can often act as the centerpiece of the room, which can be replaced with a well-priced shower screen , giving you a great view. and try mixing different textures in the space to give it depth and versatility. It doesn’t mean you need to buy matching rugs, toilet seat covers, and towels. The important point is to find fabrics and materials that are diverse but work well together, which makes for a great way to make the space feel fresh and break the monotony a bit.


When making the decision to carry out a transformation in the bathroom, we must include in the budget the hidden damages such as that caused by water, in which deficiencies are generated in the floor structure, pipes not adequately ventilated, old corroded pipes, showers, non-waterproof tile tubs around, etc. All this will depend on the age of the home and the type of construction.

Although most bathrooms are small, the cost comes from the intensive amount of outsourcing we have to do between plumbers, electricians, and expensive items like fixtures and cabinets, among others. All this must be included within the budget to reform the bathroom estimated before making expenses and being in the middle of the project.

Finally, we leave you five tips that must be taken into account within a budget to reform the bathroom:

  • Choosing a vanity with rounded corners avoids the appearance of bruises on the hips when they are small bathrooms.
  • Large squares, wide stripes, and other large patterns can fool the eye and make spaces appear larger.
  • Placing full-wall mirrors behind the dresser helps two people use it at the same time.
  • Installing the towel rail in the shower door or on the back of the front door keeps towels within easy reach.
February 23, 2021

Remodel Your Bathroom, But Don’t Make These Mistakes

When it comes to remodeling your home, the bathrooms are one of the most important spaces in the project. Since these, together with the kitchen, are the ones that age the fastest, making the property lose its validity, and therefore it is listed at a lower price than expected. The bathrooms are used daily, and therefore your furniture wears out faster. The humidity that steam produces from the showers causes the finishes to deteriorate more rapidly than in the rest of the spaces. In our article today, we bathroom remodeling in Austin want to tell you that you should NOT do when remodeling them, and, on the contrary, that it is essential to obtain better results with the remodeling.

The first thing to keep in mind is, whatever we bathroom remodeling in Austin do, in the end, the result should be a functional and practical bathroom. It is useless if the finishes are beautiful and luxurious if the spaces are not well distributed or entering the bathroom is uncomfortable. Not taking the correct measurements, designing uncomfortable furniture, or choosing the wrong materials could ruin your remodeling project, increasing your remodeling costs and wasting time. Let’s start by listing the mistakes that you should NOT make when remodelling:

Not spending enough time designing before you start

Starting without having allocated enough time to planning will surely make you wrong. For example, start by consulting a good architect on what are the minimum standard measurements for each item, such as furniture, sink, toilet, shower, etc. In this way, you will avoid that the furniture or the distribution is done in a disproportionate way. This is step number one, since making a mistake in it will have serious consequences in the installation and the work.

Do not take into account the safety zones when installing electrical points

Not everything in remodeling is aesthetic; safety is a primary element when remodeling or designing. Getting it wrong can have serious consequences that put people’s safety at risk. The low voltage electrotechnical regulation establishes a prohibition on electrical installations in tubs or showers. Switches, electrical outlets, or lighting may NOT be installed in these areas, as these could cause serious electrical shock accidents.

Avoid excess styles

Define a style that inspires you and stick with it. Many times we get so excited with all the ideas we see on Pinterest and the Internet that it is difficult for us to choose, and we simply end up mixing styles that have nothing to do with each other, and the end result ends up being a splash of anti-colors and materials.. Go for classic ideas that make your project a current remodeling over time.

Disregard good ventilation

There’s no need to explain why we need good ventilation, it’s a bathroom, and everyone needs it. Just make sure that this point is taken into account during the design phase. Give importance to windows with natural light and access to the outdoors, or design an alternative where there is artificial ventilation to ensure air flow. There are many suppliers of air generation and odor extractors.

Avoid dark colors, reduce space

They give a feeling of confinement and small spaces. They go against a clean space as they make cleaning difficult, dark materials hide dust and grime. These shades make users tire faster than normal, and in a few years, you will feel the need to have to remodel the space again. These spaces are recommended in commercial premises that want to generate an impact on their customers and in which users change every day so that they do not get tired.

Excess wood

Although wood is harmonious and in bathrooms, it can become an aesthetic material that combines very well with other materials; excessive use of it can lead to humidity and hygiene problems. Try to use it in some specific places and not as a dominant material.

February 15, 2021

Best Landscaping Techniques To Use In Your Project

Landscaping techniques in architecture are part of the definition of what landscaping is in practice.

They are designed so that the professional has a constructive look at soil, land, environment, and buildings around the area where the landscape intervention will take place.

These landscaping techniques range from creating a suspended or vertical garden to thinking about how indoor plants can fit into certain spaces.

In addition, landscaping techniques aim at the preservation of flora species, the intelligent exploitation of these resources in order to take advantage of the properties of each plant to create spaces with more harmony and functionality, creating environments for a pleasant, sustainable living that meets the needs of the project.

The result will always seek an aesthetic end as a consequence, but this cannot be the sole objective of a landscape architect.

Check out some of these techniques:

Vertical Garden

To understand what landscaping is without going through the concept of vertical gardens is to circumvent the segment’s own trend.

The technique of placing plants in an upright position has become the rule for some open spaces or not, also invading houses and even apartments.

The result is beautiful, elegant and creates proximity to nature, even when restrictions on soil area that can be covered by vegetation.

Home landscaping projects are the most common for receiving a vertical garden or green wall, but they can look great in other environments.

Outdoor garden furniture

In order to better take advantage of the spaces of a landscaping project, it is important to provide places for socializing, recreation, and even contemplation and rest in the gardens and squares.

After all, what is landscaping if not the technique of making the landscape more beautiful in harmony with its users? If they have nowhere to sit or protect themselves from the sun and rain, this concept will not work.

For this, the use of suitable furniture is essential, as well as some structures, such as gazebos and fountains.

Some examples of suitable furniture are benches made of iron, wood, and other synthetic materials, all of which are durable and resistant to rain and sun.

Diversified textures

A recurring technique in landscaping is the use of textures.

In this concept, the landscaper combines foliage, fabrics, furniture, and larger structures to create a beautiful and very cozy environment.

Likewise, sand gardens, beds with gravel or rolled stones of different sizes and colors, or covered with tree bark or other fibers, can generate a greater diversity of colors and textures in the environment.

The materials of the furniture, fountains, and gazebos must also be designed according to their texture. Benches made of concrete, synthetic fibers, or wood will have a completely different visual effect.

Harmonizing these textures in the various elements that make up space is a landscaping technique that the professional needs to master.

Paths, trails, and corners

Following the fundamental idea of ​​what landscaping is and how it can help make the environment more integrated with living with nature, many professionals adopt paths, trails, and corners in their projects.

The technique defines exactly the best routes for people to stroll through the gardens and enjoy what it has to offer, without facing obstacles or damaging what has been planted.

Usually, the paths lead to nooks, gazebos, lookouts, and fountains, and also – in public spaces such as squares, parks, and zoos – they give access to the infrastructure of the place, such as snack bars, restaurants, picnic spots, barbecues, bathrooms, and wards.


November 29, 2020

Attractions in Jordan for Scuba Diving

Jordan has an immense treasure on its shores. The Red Sea of ​​Jordan is full of
corals, colourful fish and many other surprises that make divers more and more
The coast near the town of Aqaba, on the Red Sea, is one of the best diving
destinations in the world; whether you are an expert or a beginner, and this is the
first time you dive.
Of Jordan’s nearly 30 kilometres of coastline along the Red Sea, seven are protected
by a marine park. Here you will find over 20 uncrowded dive sites with something for
every level of the diver to discover, diving in Aqaba, Jordan could become a model
for other marine destinations.

If there is something surprising about the shores of the Red Sea in Jordan, it is that
the corals and reefs are stuck to the shore. It is enough to walk a few meters, no
more than 5, and you start to see the first corals and goldfish. This is something
really impressive that we have not seen anywhere else in the world. Another
characteristic that makes it an ideal destination for diving is the clarity of its waters.

Throughout the year, you can have visibility that varies between 30 and 45 meters.
This is something very unusual, and that makes diving and snorkelling on its shores
tremendously attractive. As if this were not enough, the temperature of its waters is
quite pleasant, going from 20 ºC in winter to 26 ºC in summer. In this regard, it is true
that the Red Sea is not as warm as Southeast Asia, but it is still very good

The life that we can find on the shores of Aqaba (the Jordanian Red Sea) is
tremendously diverse. You can see small fish such as the clownfish (Nemo), the blue
surgeonfish (Dory), the sea urchin fish, the butterfly fish, seahorses or the emperor
angelfish, among many others.
But you can also see larger animals such as the impressive lionfish, sea turtles,
various types of moray eels, the immense napoleon fish, some type of shark or rays
and even, if you are very lucky, you can see the whale shark. To all this, we must
add a very wide spectrum of colourful corals that adorn the seabed.

In the Red Sea lie about 19 Jordanian army tanks, ambulances, helicopters and
other transports that will attract divers from around the world.

To take advantage of this natural resource, the Aqaba Special Economic Zone
Authority organized the sinking of several tanks, a helicopter, anti-aircraft guns, an
ambulance and vehicles to transport troops.

September 3, 2020

Our Advice For Choosing The Right Wooden Deck

Having become the charm of our balconies and gardens, are you ready to be tempted by the authenticity and nobility of one of them? Which species of wood will your favorite? Exotic wood, composite wood, which is the most resistant? Slabs of wood planks, how to choose? Which of the two will best enhance your future outdoor recreation area? Here are the details of our wise advice made by experts from deck builder company to guide you in this pre-project phase!


The Pine


Larch, softwood, red cedar, or Douglas-fir, this wood is said to be autoclave (that is to say, deeply treated). It is recognizable by its slightly greenish hue. The cheapest of the deck wood species, count on the durability of about fifteen years. However, at deck builders San Antonio TX, we advise you to be careful, because sometimes protruding knots may snag slightly during your passages.


Exotic wood


These woods are extremely dense and have an exceptional lifespan. The very high density of padouk, a redwood from Central Africa, is particularly evident. Its main quality is not to make the slightest splinter. You can, therefore, practice it barefoot! For its part, Ipe sets the bar of density even higher and, therefore, of mechanical resistance (passage of vehicles, water stagnation, etc.). It is, of course, the most expensive of the exotic essences. As for teak, its qualities are remarkable, but it is a protected species. It is, therefore, very expensive.


Thermo-heated wood


Out of ethics, do you refuse to opt for so-called exotic wood? Treated via thermo-heating to be hardened, you have locally cut tree species, such as ash or poplar. Create a plan on perfect soil for about twenty years with a cost comparable to that of an exotic essence.


Natural or composite, choose the type of wood that suits you.


As opposed to natural wood, composite wood results from a mixture of wood particles with a resin, almost identical in appearance to that of solid wood, its major advantage lies in the little maintenance it requires plan on a good annual cleaning.


The wood planks of some natural wood species will turn gray, not the case with composites. For the outline of your pool or live in a warm region, give your preference to natural wood, as the composite can lead to high heat conductivity. Likewise, be aware that it can sometimes be more expensive than certain exotic species such as teak or ipe.


Wooden floor: planks or tiles make the right choice!


Slats or wooden slabs are also called gratings; these are the two alternatives available to you to further personalize the “conviviality and rest” corner outside your “home sweet home.” Long planks, resembling parquet boards, the wooden boards are laid and fixed on joists. The slabs are placed directly on the ground, either on a bed of sand or on a geo-textile film. Ideal when you want to cover an existing balcony.


Good to know, gratings are not available in all types of wood.


Did this guide to choosing the right wood exterior flooring help you? Most deck companies take the time to simulate the result of your final project. Designing it and succeeding in it is child’s play. Study each point according to your criteria and in all serenity! Choose the exterior that will be in perfect harmony with your desires! Do not hesitate any longer; ask us for a free and personalized quote. Then finalize the purchase of your materials on our online store.

August 7, 2020

Tricks To Renovate The Bathroom With Little Money

Changing the toilets, furniture or coatings can mean the outlay of a great deal of money. However, giving a new look to the bathroom does not have to mean investing a fortune, you just have to know a few tricks to help renew this space in the house, whatever the budget.


When renovating the bathroom, one aspect to take into account is the coatings . These are an important point in the image of this room, so if you want to give it a new look, you can start by changing the material or color of the walls, ceilings and floors.

If you don’t have the money for that, a feasible and cheaper alternative may be to paint floors , walls, and ceilings. Acrylic paint is usually the best ally in these cases. Another option is vinyl wallpaper for walls and floors, which imitates a multitude of textures such as ceramic or parquet. Finally, there is also the dry ceramic, cheaper and easier to install than the traditional one, or, in the case of the walls, the special wallpaper for bathrooms.

The toilets

Giving a new look to this room is very easy if you have enough budget to replace the toilets with more modern ones, such as washbasins and flown toilets, which take up less space visually and are easier to clean.

Changing the classic bathtub for a shower tray also serves to give a fresher image and to gain comfort and safety. In this sense, you can change the curtains of the shower or bathtub for a modern and practical glass screen.

If you do not want or do not have the money to change the toilets, you can always choose to replace items such as the taps: the taps for the shower, bathtub, bidet or sink. You just have to choose some that differ from the current ones and fit the style you want to give the room.

The furniture

The simplest and most logical way to renew your bathroom furniture is to replace the current ones with others. However, either because you have a limited budget or because the furniture is in good condition, it is not always an option to consider.

There are countless alternatives: from painting them (nowadays the use of chalk paint is very fashionable, a paint that gives an aged and vintage look), going through the placement of vinyls, which allow changing the color or texture of the furniture , until they are covered with paper, inside or outside, using the decoupage technique.

In addition, there are other less “aggressive” options, which may be perfect for those who do not want to spend a lot of money or those who live for rent . One of these options is to replace the cabinet and drawer handles with others that involve a change in style and / or color, a simple gesture that can help change the image of the furniture.

Elements for storage

In a usually small space such as the bathroom, it is essential to have elements that serve to store towels, gels, the dryer … Shelves and shelves, not to mention the boxes or baskets, are attached to the furniture under the sink and columns to help with this task. Changing these pieces for others of different style, material or color allows to renew the image of the bathroom.


Textiles are an essential element in any room in the house: they are used to dry while decorating the space and creating a cozy feeling. In the bathroom you can find towels, bathrobes, foot rugs and even curtains. As in any room, replacing these accessories with others of colors, patterns, textures and even different fabrics can be a simple and economical alternative to renew this space.

Decorative Accessories

Another cheap way to renovate the bathroom is with decorative accessories. Changing soap, towel racks, toilet brush holders and other basics and opting for others of a different color and / or design is another way to give a new air to the space for little money. Pictures, boxes, candles, mikados and other objects, more decorative than practical, can also be very perfect when it comes to achieving the goal.

August 7, 2020

7 Tricks To Give Personality To A Flat

To have a beautiful and cozy home, you don’t need to have many meters, large exteriors, or luxury decorations. Having a flat to feel comfortable requires personalizing it to the maximum and taking into account certain premises.


A key factor that will make the home a perfect place is the use of light. Achieving well-lit rooms, ideally making the most of natural light, is essential to achieve a warm and welcoming space. The lamps, for their part, decorate and add style to space.

The color

The choice of color is very important when decorating the house. It helps generate that feeling of cold, heat, light, freshness … that is so sought after in the room. In this way, you can create retro, rustic, contemporary, marine style environments.


Like color, the use of textures brings warmth and personality to space. The textures of wood, stone, ceramics, textiles such as wool, silk, or cotton. All of them generate sensations such as warmth, freshness, softness, elegance.

The coatings

The coatings for floors, walls, and ceilings, in addition to fulfilling their basic function, allow us to decorate the house and give it that image we are looking for. Thus, we can create comfortable rooms with the use of wood (or materials that imitate this finish), others that are colder and more industrial, with micro cement and stainless steel finishes, or more modern and elegant thanks to the latest in ceramics.

Paintings and photographs

Paintings and photographs add color and texture. They personalize any room in the house, making it closer and more pleasant.


Textiles such as cushions, blankets, bedspreads, curtains, rugs… give the room texture and color. They dress it, decorate it and give it a welcoming and personal image.

The decorative objects

Vases, plants, sculptures, decorative accessories … Those, precisely, are the elements that bring style and personality to the home. Memories of trips, family objects, bought in stores or markets. The important thing is that they know how to contribute to the image that is sought in the house.

August 6, 2020

9 Keys To Feel At Home In A Rental Apartment

Rental properties tend to lack color and personality so that the tenant can add his personal touch, choosing furniture and accessories according to his tastes and needs. However, many tenants think that a rental house is just a place of passage, where it is not worth investing money.


The truth is that, although it is not necessary to spend too much to get a warm and cozy home , spending money to feel at home, even if it is not your own, is investing in comfort and well-being. 


1. Decorate with textiles


The best way to add color and prints, as well as to cover imperfections or worn surfaces from use, is through textiles. Elegant curtains, a soft rug, precious cushions, a delicate duvet cover… all of them inject warmth , comfort and personality into any home.


2. Wallpaper


Another alternative for changing the color of the walls and adding visual interest is temporary wallpapers , which can be easily removed without leaving a mark on the wall. Again, it is best to ask the owner before installing.


3. Wall stickers


Currently, there are stickers of simple shapes (dots, stars, etc …) to decorate walls that can be easily removed. These are also a good alternative to wallpaper.


4. Adhesive rolls for countertops


If you don’t like the color of your kitchen countertop, a great solution is to use adhesive rolls that imitate stone, granite or marble textures.


5. Replace hardware


If the towel racks, door knobs, cabinet pulls, and other hardware are old, worn, or not the chosen style, they can be replaced with new ones. It is a very inexpensive way to give it a new look, although, once the apartment is abandoned, it must be replaced by the original fittings to leave the house in its original condition.


6. Change lamps


These can be the design touch that a living room, hall or bedroom needs, without having to make any structural changes to the home. On the other hand, the floor and table lamps, with lower light intensity, also help to create cozy and calm environments in which to relax and unwind.


7. Family photos


Although a single nail cannot be used, pictures and photos can decorate the home resting on furniture and shelves. Black and white photos are very versatile and complement a bookshelf decor quite well. In addition, decorating with photos of loved ones helps to associate positive emotions with space.


8. Alternatives to drilling


There is always a nailless alternative to the drill. For example, towel racks that rest on the floor instead of hanging on the wall, shower curtains that fit the wall instead of bolting to it, or coat racks that replace hangers or wall hangers.


9. Decorate with plants


Natural flowers and plants connect the home with its natural surroundings and bring color and life to the interiors. They are another great way to create a feeling of home in a rental home.

August 5, 2020

Ideas to decorate the table at Christmas

Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve, Three Kings … These are dates to spend with family and friends . The normal thing is to gather around the table, eating, drinking and, above all, sharing good times. This is why decoration is so important these days. The table becomes the center of meeting and, to make it more welcoming, festive and attractive, it is adorned and dressed in its best clothes on these holidays …


Dressing the table


The tablecloth is one of the basics, whatever the season. And it is perfect, not only to protect the table, but also to give color to the room.


Dazzle the guests


Christmas is a perfect time to remove expensive and beautiful china from the cupboards, perfect for dazzling guests, but you never know when to use.


Toast to good wishes


These are days to eat a lot, but also to enjoy a good drink (or more than one). You have to remember to put them all: water, white wine, red wine, cava and even for cocktails.


The importance of details


Adding an elegant and festive touch to the table is very easy thanks to the napkin rings, which help to personalize or theme the table. A very nice and inexpensive option can be to create your own napkin rings with which to give it an original air.


Enjoy a good wine


Wine and cava are some of the typical drinks of these days of celebrations. Enjoying them as they deserve happens because they are at the ideal temperature , which is why ice buckets, coolers or wine cellars are so important.


Serve the table with class


The fountains, with one or several floors; pie, glass or ceramic feet; glass bells … are just some of the accessories that can provide a sophisticated and elegant image . And nothing better than a personalized cutlery to surprise the guests.


Protect in an original way


Usually, the trivets are a very practical element, which prevents burns and marks on the table. However, on dates like these, they also add a cheerful and fun touch to the table.


Achieve a sophisticated image


Few things are as sophisticated as a buffet dinner or a varied aperitif with which to dazzle the guests. For this, you will need cocktail spoons, small bowls, mini cocottes and other snack sets.


Decorate and color


The under plates are an essential element when it comes to giving an elegant and sophisticated touch to the table. Gold, silver, with green trim or drawings in red are some of the Christmas classics.


Decorate and surprise


The pinecones, the candles, the balls for the tree, Santa Claus, stars, glitter and even deer and fir trees. At Christmas, more than ever, it is essential to decorate with an original centerpiece that personalizes it and makes it more welcoming.


Get warm


For after heavy meals, nothing better than a warm infusion, which helps to warm up. For the traditional, they can always opt for a good cup of coffee. Cups, teapots, sugar bowls or milk jugs are essential to serve them properly.


Create intimate environments


The candles create an intimate and cozy atmosphere . In addition to the typical chandeliers or lanterns, these Christmases, the ones that are most successful are those that have the shape of a star or a house.